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Up a Tree! August 16, 2009

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As we were sitting on the deck last night, my very observant son (with MUCH better eyesight than me!) saw something interesting, up in a tree.


Do you see it?


Do you see it now?

It was the most adorable, young raccoon (probably this years) resting peacefully in a crook of the tree.


Every so often, the little bandit readjusted itself and continued sleeping soundly . . .


. . . seemingly oblivious to the four people and two dogs on the deck below it.  It must have known it was safe, high up in the tree.

Of course, our younger son tried to lure it down with a small ear of corn, but that only caused it to wake and go further up the tree.  Raccoons are usually big fans of corn-on-the-cob and have been known to visit our corn fields nightly.  He was probably resting up from a raucous night with his friends gorging on the sweet corn and getting prepared for another night of the same.

And this morning, he was gone.  He probably departed during the night when the coast was clear when the dogs and meddlesome boys were inside and asleep.  Farewell, little friend.  Eat well . . .


8 Responses to “Up a Tree!”

  1. How cute! Reminds me of Ricky, the raccoon that we used to spot all the time by the apartment. I’ll never forget the time I almost opened the door, thinking it was Eddie’s face looking in at us. When I realized it was Ricky, I screamed!

  2. We usually don’t care for big, fat raccoons too much on the farm because they strip the corn as soon as it’s ripe, during the nighttime, but this little one was just too cute!

  3. How cute!! I love finding little critters in my backyard. (As long as they keep their distance, especially from the kids)

    • Dear PW,

      You’re so right. You don’t want to come in contact with this cute critters, especially young children, due to threats of rabies, etc. We just have to remember they’re wild animals . . .

  4. Aisling Says:

    Isn’t he a cutie! We’d tumble right out of the tree if we tried to nap in it, wouldn’t we?

    We’ve had our own cute bandits visiting here. Two years ago I got a photo… not the greatest image because it was at night… but here’s a link if you want to see:

  5. Ruth Says:

    Oh, Aisling, your twin rascals are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

    Their inherent “cuteness” makes it hard to be upset by these intruders, don’t you think?

  6. Aisling Says:

    Definitely, Ruth. They are so cute!

  7. Lisa Says:

    AWWW! That is so cute.

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