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“Corn Dog” August 22, 2009

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Our Golden Retriever, Duke, has become somewhat of a corn connoisseur.

He used to chomp down the corn, cob and all, but recently has perfected his technique to just nibbling off the tender kernels.

Take a look . . .

So, when we enjoy nature’s bounty of fresh corn-on-the-cob, so does Duke!

Do your animals have human-like qualities, too?


4 Responses to ““Corn Dog””

    • Aisling Says:

      Just a little warning, but my husband was telling me about his mom’s friend whose dog had to be taken to the vet because he/she had swallowed a large chunk of corn cob. The cob had gotten lodged inside the dog and was causing a great deal of internal trouble.

      Since he told me, I’ve been cutting left over cobs into tiny chunks before adding them to the compost heap outside… just in case.

      Nibbling off the kernals is the cutest thing! What elegant table manners! 🙂

  1. joe Says:

    hello i got a female golden retriever and a male english sheepdog and by accident the golden got pregnant and yesterday she got 9 puppys, golden sheepdgos!!

    they born 4 totally black and 5 brown with with, like the inglish sheepdog, just in brown & white

    i’ll send you picts in a few weeks..

    now im going to start looking for homes for those puppys…

    i believe its better to do some surgery to the female so she can’t have more dogs, don’t you think?

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