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I’ve Got Friends with Tractors! September 27, 2009


What a HOOT we had last night at a dear friend’s annual Pig Roast/Tractor Parade/Hay Ride!  The invitation said to bring a favorite appetizer, dessert, and/or tractor.  So, we arrived in style . . . in our big green tractor!


You see, our friends collects Farmalls, which for anyone who knows tractors are RED, so we figured we needed a little GREEN in the picture.

Our son, Jonathan, brought the old antique Ford, which brought a lot of attention.


Nathaniel arrived in his mile-high pick-up, which he had just “lifted” . . .

 apple bread 003

. . . after he washed it, that is . . .


Our nephew, Stephen, arrived in our new/used Ford orchard tractor, which has a compact shape and size, for going in between trees in the orchard.


Our friend, Bill, has quite a collection of the “red” ones . . .


. . .probably about 20 in all. 

My favorite is this two-seater model . . .


Two seater tractor

People who don’t usually get to drive tractors took them for a spin around the pond, with embankments on each side, which could be a little scary, especially with drinks in hand.  But the worse that happened was . . .

  • one tractor ran out of gas, deep in the dark, while pulling a hayride full of people and then had to call for assistance
  • another caught fire because there was a bird’s nest in the engine (luckily Jonathan was on this one, so he knew what to do!)

There was a huge spread of food, lots of good cheer and comraderie, and a magnificent bonfire to warm up around.






As I was driving one of Farmalls,  following a parade of red tractors around the winding path by the pond out back of our friend’s garden center, one song kept playing over in my mind:  Rodney Atkin’s hit, “Friends with Tractors.”  Take a listen:

It's America

Friends with tractors are such great friends to have!!!



6 Responses to “I’ve Got Friends with Tractors!”

  1. I thought for a second that the bonfire was the tractor that caught fire!

    Sounds like you had a fun night, and much less crowded than the fair.

  2. Luckily, Jon knew what to do when the tractor he was riding (not his own!) caught fire! I would probably have just jumped off! He ended up with charcoal-covered hands, but he put out the bird-nest fire. (I’m sure our host was a bit embarrassed.)

    It was fun, but I missed the fair, too! I want to do it all.

  3. Cloudhands Says:

    What fun! Everyone needs to have a tractor in their life at some point. As a little girl I was allow to ‘help’ drive the tractor when we visited grandma’s. I also love fall hayrides and bonfires. So it all sounds wonderful to me.

    • Ruth Says:

      It brings back memories, doesn’t it, Cloudhands?

      As a young girl, my job was driving the tractor ahead, while my bigger and stronger brothers lifted the bales onto the wagon during haying season.

      I vividly remember a few times when I popped the clutch a little too quickly, and the stacker on the back of the trailer got jostled around.

      No, our baler has an automatic “kicker,” which throws the bales right onto the wagon, so our kids have different jobs during haying.

  4. Jena Says:

    Looks like you had all kinds of fun! 🙂

    • Ruth Says:

      Jena~Our fam probably loves tractors as much as yours!

      What my guys would really love to do is go out west for the All-American Tractor Parade. . . perhaps in Iowa or something? Either that, or they’re talking about driving a Combine to do harvests from one state to another. Kind of nuts, huh?

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