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“A Country Boy with Tires on his Truck this High!” October 3, 2009

Have you heard Jake Owen’s latest song called “8 Second Ride?”

Here’s an excerpt . . .

  “. . .I ain’t never seen a country boy with tires on his truck this
high”. . .

. . . which pretty much describes my son Nate’s F-350 since he installed a lift kit and even bigger tires and wheels on it a couple of weekends ago!  (Please note for perspective:  Nate is 6’5″ tall, so his truck is HUGE!)


It was a ton of work, which he did all by himself . . .


. . . which I attribute to the years he spent building elaborate, $100-something Lego kits, with millions of pieces, and instruction books 3-inches thick!  (He has a lot more patience than me!)


The result?  His truck is MUCH bigger than his brother’s . . .


In fact, I can stand next to Nate’s truck and have full head clearance UNDERNEATH his side-view mirror!


Oh, and stepping out of it can be hazardous to your health. . . that is, if you forget you’re two-stories high and have heels on!  We won’t even talk about hoisting yourself up that high!


Nate—I’m SO proud of you!

Here’s the rest of that song . . .

“Well, hey girl what’s your name?
Haven’t I seen you before?
I recognized them dark green eyes when you dosie doe’d across the floor
Are you alone or are you with someone?
She said a matter of fact I’m not
So i took her hand that’s when it all began and we headed towards the parking lot .

And she said hey boy, do you mind takin’ me home tonite?
‘cuz I ain’t never seen a country boy with tires on his truck this
. . .  it’s gonna be wilder than any 8 second ride. . .”

 Hmm. . . I’m thinking Nate may have had an ulterior motive for lifting that truck . . .

Any country girls out there?


12 Responses to ““A Country Boy with Tires on his Truck this High!””

  1. Ruth Says:

    Thanks! It was easy; great subject!

  2. Bob Wettemann Says:

    Ruth, I hope Nate keeps a stepstool in the truck. Either that or an elevator . . .

  3. MommyAmy Says:

    Nope, I”m not a country girl. Although when I went to school back East a lot of people had that opinion of me. But according to them no matter what part of Oregon you are from THAT’S COUNTRY! lol…

    Pretty sure that if I wasn’t able to get INTO a guys truck, I probably wouldn’t be going home with him.

  4. amber Says:

    im not really a country girl but i love jackd up trucks and mudding . i was born and araised a ford girl but i drive a jackd up jeep not as big as jake truck though but my dads truck prob was..

  5. Maisie Williams Says:

    Hey, I know this is random, but I googled country boy for a project and this popped up so if its not a problem, I thought I would reply. 🙂 His truck looks very good, He did a very nice job on it. the lift looks good and the tires fit nice. Let him know that he did a good job. 🙂

    if you would like to respond, if you dont mind, email it to me since I doubt Ill be able to find this again.

    Thank you, and have an awesome day.

  6. Maisie Williams Says:

    I found it again! Wohoo!
    Well I am glad I could help. I love me a good ol’ country boy. 🙂
    And big trucks. 🙂 But my mamma hates it, she thinks Im too country. :/ Oh well. 🙂
    But anyways. Glad to help.

  7. Is it possible to be TOO country?

    Actually, it was my kids who got me in to country music and we live on a farm, so I guess it was a given!

    Thanks for stopping back by, Maisie!

  8. Jessi Says:

    Just had to say NICE!!!
    Was doing a search for the lyrics when I came across your site. I have a F350 with beefed suspension myself, no comparison to your son’s though! Its hard to find a country boy in New England…but as my license plate proclaims, REDDIRT runs in my blood…

  9. Southern ~ Girl Says:

    LOVE your truck! I see alotta those down here in southeast GA and i have a cow everytime 1 goes by lol.

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