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Finally on Facebook! October 3, 2009

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OK, so I finally buckled under the pressure and joined Facebook.  As an educator, it’s important to maintain an appropriate distance from students and families, but you can pretty much accept or ignore “Friend” requests . . . and since I NEVER post anything objectionnable, I think it’s really OK.

What I’ve found out is:

  • Facebook is so much easier and quicker than blogging, which I hate to admit, but you’re just posting quick “tweets,” and connecting with so many people.
  • Speaking of “tweets,” I actually like it better than Twitter, because it’s easier to add web links, pix, and videos (at least for me!)

So if you’re not on Facebook  yet (is anyone out there NOT on Facebook?) I’d encourage you to try it.  Go to:  You can search for me as “Ruth Rose” in case you want to send a friend request.  Happy “Facebooking!”  Is that accepted as a verb yet?


5 Responses to “Finally on Facebook!”

  1. I’m still not convinced…

  2. Ruth Says:

    C’mon, Ab! You’re missing all the fun! I’m posting alot more there than here!

  3. I”m with Abbie on this one… I’m still fighting the urge. The only reason I might someday join is because I’m nosy and want to know what is going on with some of the people I went to HS with. I joined Myspace for that reason years ago and now it seems like Myspace is not so popular.

  4. Oh, guess what, Jena? Abbie just buckled under the pressure and joined Facebook today! Guess she didn’t want her mother ahead of her on something!

    Actually, it’s really easy to find people and posting is so quick. I still love the bloggy world, but I appreciate Facebook for what its features, too. So many of my friends around here don’t blog, but are on Facebook, so it’s a nice way to stay in touch.

    Oh, c’mon and join us!!!

  5. Aisling Says:

    Did you get my email about this? I keep worrying that I sent it to the wrong email addy (I did it without checking back on your blog to see if I had it right.) 🙂

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