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Aloha Friday #19: Three Wishes October 9, 2009

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TGIF,  so that means it’s time for . . .

My “Aloha Friday” question this week is:



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14 Responses to “Aloha Friday #19: Three Wishes”

  1. AuntieE Says:

    Mom be still alive and cancer free,
    Mortgage paid off,
    Brother be a normal loving person.

  2. 1. I would wish for my children to live long, happy lives.

    2. I would wish for my husband to be able to live without his chronic worry.

    3. I’d wish that I could eat anything I wanted to, and still be able to be at my target weight!

  3. That our marriage will continue to strengthen (and last!)
    Healthy babies someday
    Family close by and lots of memories with them

    What about you?

    • Jena~What wonderful wishes . . . and you always turn it back to me, that’s one of the things I love about you . . . what would I wish for?

      That everyone has ENOUGH . . .

      ENOUGH of whatever it is you need . . .

      enough happiness, enough love, enough health, enough time, enough wealth to accomplish all that you dream of!

      “Enough is sometimes better than too much!”

  4. pam Says:


  5. Karen Says:

    Healthy baby in December
    My husband’s job to continue
    Peace and happiness in our home

  6. brandy Says:

    1. hubs work to pick back up
    2. to have had maternity coverage with this last pregnancy
    3. To live closer to family

    great question!The Buzz, Brandy

  7. blueviolet Says:

    Pay off all the debt, happy marriage, good health.

  8. That I could make a ton of money without a ton of work, that Josh could only work 9-5, that our house would magically be clean every morning!

  9. angie Says:

    to not have to worry about money of any kind, my childrens dreams will come true and my granddaughter will never have to worry about anything

  10. Wonderful wishes, everyone! Thanks for sharing and I’m hoping that all of your wishes come true!

  11. Tara Says:

    Hmm… Probably..that my husband could retire in his forties lol That my kids would never be naughty. and that I would be skinny! woo hoooo! lol

  12. Kirsten Says:

    Please grant me these 3 wishes:

    1. I wish to make my father a part of the living

    2. I wish to be wealthy

    3. I wish to stay happy and healthy (is that 4)?

  13. Wonderful wishes; I’m counting them as only 3!

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