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FACES of HALLOWEEN!!! October 31, 2009

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Here are some “Faces of Halloween” I saw today . . .


My hairdresser greeted me at 8 am this morning with eery, cat’s eyes!


A giant spider along the hayride trail on the farm.


A life-size chocolate chip cookie at the farm market!


Mr. Pumpkin Head.


More Pumpkin Heads.


“Double Dorothys” came trick or treating!


. . . as well as a “Wicked Witch!”


Trick-or-Treaters came by the wagon full!


We had traditional pumpkins,


Pig Pumpkins,


and Spider Trees!

What does Halloween look like from your vantage point?


11 Responses to “FACES of HALLOWEEN!!!”

  1. Lisa Says:

    I needed those contacts! I’m a cat for Halloween. 🙂

    • Ruth Says:


      You make a very cute cat! Loved your Facebook pic! I heard the cat’s eyes were not that comfortable, but I’m sure you could find them online for next year!

  2. Oh my gosh! Wendy’s eyes looked fake, that’s creepy!

    We had a good night at Cabela’s!

  3. Looks like so much fun!! That is a great idea for the pig pumpkin, how cool.

    Pretty boring around here. No kiddos, and all our friends do is either nothing or go to the bar. That’s one thing that will be way more fun when we have kiddos – holidays!

    • Ruth Says:

      Jena~I’ll never forget our first year in our new house. We have a very long driveway and had NO trick-or-treaters; I was so disappointed!

      Now, we have just one faithful family and their friends who make the trip in their Kubota and wagon, with a bunch of kids all at once. They’re the only trick-or-treaters we get, but I make sure I reward them with the BIG candy bars, light sticks, good stuff!

      When our kids were young, it was SO MUCH fun to take them trick-or-treating! I’d usually dress up, too.

      • Ruth Says:

        Oh, Jena, forgot to mention that that “Pig Pumpkin” has a curly tail, too, just didn’t show the backside.

        I heard that “Swine Flu/Flew” is a hit costume this year . . . pig nose, tail, and wings!

  4. Kathy Says:

    Writing this with a popcorn ball in my mouth….love them……had another Fun Halloween on Valley Rd.

    • Kathy~

      Ha ha! I could have posted the one of you with the popcorn ball in your mouth, but I chose the more “glamorous” witch shot of you instead!

      Always good to see you and your crew! It’s become a Halloween tradition!

  5. Nate Says:

    How can you call fake plastic pumpkins “traditonal”?

  6. Actually, I called them “traditional,” as in basic, carved-looking orange pumpkins. Also, they’re recyclable!

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