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Sunday Stroll~Join me on a trip to the North Pole! December 6, 2009

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Snow began to fall softly as the North Pole Express pulled into the station, as if right on cue.

Children, bundled up in pajamas and hoods, clamored around the station, waiting to board Santa’s train.

Destination:  North Pole!


As we traveled, our conductor told us Christmas stories and shared the story of the “Polar Express.”

The Baker served up the biggest and most delicious gingerbread cookies I’ve ever seen and tasted, along with creamy, rich hot chocolate. . .

A hobo even managed to sneak onto the train . . .

In the spirit of Christmas, we invited him to join us . . .

And, then, the main attraction. . . we reached the North Pole and Santa boarded the train!

Mrs. Claus even joined him . . .

. . . and some of the elves came along, too!

Santa offered the first gifts of Christmas to passengers on the train, as he held up a shiny silver bell from his sleigh . . .

The bell that Santa handed me makes the most glorious jingling sound . . .

As we headed toward home, Santa’s Christmas wish continued to ring in my ears, Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!

To see who else is strolling on this December Sunday, head on over to The Quiet Country House.


10 Responses to “Sunday Stroll~Join me on a trip to the North Pole!”

  1. abbie Says:

    Wow! How neat. Hope you and dad had a fun time!

  2. Aisling Says:

    How fun and cute! I’m glad you shared this today!

  3. Cloudhands Says:

    What a delightful event for families to enjoy. I’m going to ask our local train enthusiasts if such a event could ever happen here. I would love to be involved. I’m glad you took us along.

    • Thanks, Cloudhands!

      Funny thing is, my husband said the same thing after going, that we should work out something like this for friends closer to home! It was so much fun, for young and old! (We were the OLD ones!)

      Of course, we were transported to the REAL North Pole!

  4. That is great! Looks like so much fun.

  5. Dotty Bavin Says:

    Did you hear the bell?

  6. Of course . . . and I hope I always will!!!

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