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Wonderful Tradition! January 10, 2010

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What do you call a tradition that brings together a group of close friends and family members to lovingly support a new mother-to-be?

A baby shower, of course!  And what a wonderful tradition it is!

Our baby shower yesterday for my daughter, Abbie, also involved a  lot of noise (60 or so women talking simultaneously, re-living memories of their own children/childbirth and offering advice); scrumptious food that only women would enjoy (broccoli/slivered almond quiche, pink lemonade punch, tiny sandwiches); and narrowly escaping cars getting stuck in the snow nor any broken hips from icy, steep driveways.

All in all, it was wonderful.  And it was exactly what showers traditionally bring: wonderful comraderie among friends and family; incredible support for the mom-to-be; a chance to tell stories of days past; and mountains of gifts!

“Chick” food . . .

Abbie sharing a laugh with an aunt. . .

A diaper cake ?!?!

Abbie with high school friends, both now married, and one  a new mother . . .

Mom-to-be with grandmas-to-be . . .

This new baby is incredibly fortunate to be welcomed by THREE great-grandmas, shown here in their fashionable “great-grandma” tiaras!

Party favors . . .

. . . including Sweet Pea seeds that can be planted around the time of the baby’s arrival in March . . .

The incredibly delicious (chocolate!) blue duck cake, complete with bubbles(!), that Abbie’s mother-in-law and sister-in-law created . . .

Abbie trying on a baby-size “moo-cow” outfit . . .

My daughter and me . . .

We can’t wait to welcome this baby into the world!

Have you participated in this social convention, too, known as a Baby Shower?


14 Responses to “Wonderful Tradition!”

  1. Thanks again for a great day!

  2. Aww, it looks like you guys had so much fun! That “moo-cow” outfit is hilarious. I hate to be a downer but since you asked, I personally don’t care for baby showers. I love babies and it is an exciting time but I don’t think I’d want a shower. My friends got so much stuff that they will never use, like a hundred 0-3 month outfits and 15 hooded towels, and they didn’t get most of what they registered for. Maybe I’m just a stick in the mud because I’m the one who isn’t having a baby yet but I think I’d rather have a party afterward so everyone can meet baby at once and celebrate then. I’m done being negative now, sorry! 🙂

  3. Jena, that’s fine, because Abbie and I discussed this in advance, too. She felt funny registering for gifts, like she was begging for stuff. But, as it worked out, lots of people said they appreciated how easy it was to shop (especially online, even sending gifts to the home, for family out of state). It was also nice because there were NO duplicates. Some expressed disappointment that the gift they wanted to buy was already “taken,” but then they chose something else, or even gave gift cards. That saves a lot of returning, etc., for either party.

    I might be biased because I’m the grandma, but we played some really cute games where the guests won gifts. My favorite was naming the candy bar that corresponded with specific stages of pregnancy and childbirth, when one of the great-grandmas shouted out “Red Hot Mamma” for a description of the woman at the time of conception! That hot “great” happened to be my own Mom!

    But, remember, I was the one who had a ball at the last 2 baby showers I attended for children of my girlfriends, collecting ideas and hoping for my turn! Now, that it’s here, I’m relishing every second of it. It can only get better when the baby arrives!

    Abbie said no to a lot of stuff (decorations, etc.) as it seemed wasteful, but with the overabundance of generosity, we’d both have to admit that we can’t imagine that a tiny baby really needs all of this!

    Don’t worry; I always love your honest input!

  4. Aisling Says:

    Ruth, It looks like a lot of love and planning went into your celebration for Abbie and the little one on the way. I was at a shower a few months ago for a young lady who used to babysit my daughters. I just loved being there to see her sparkling eyes and hopeful expectation as she opened gifts and interacted with the women in her life. I’m sure you felt so-so proud and excited, as you watched your “baby girl” prepare for her own baby.

  5. Jessica Says:

    It looks like good, good fun! I wish I could drive on over and join you guys in your fun. I love the red grandmas and their tiaras, btw. Abbie is a beautiful pregnant woman.

    Congrats again to you too Ruth, 🙂

    • Jessica~We would have loved to have you join us, too, but Abbie said the physical distance at this point was too great for a Mommy of two to be expected to travel!

      I’m sure she’ll be asking for your expert advice, though, soon!

      You two were so close in college and I’m so glad that that closeness has continued!


      P.S. The “greats” were so cute in their tiaras, as you pointed out. Kind of like the “Red Hat” club!

  6. Marie Says:

    Grammy Ruth
    Yes we did it and it was a perfect day! Now all we need is our grandbaby!!!

  7. Grammy Mimi,

    Indeed, we did pull it off! How exhausted are YOU?

    You’re absolutely right; “we” have everything this baby could possibly need, now all we need is the BABY!

    Loved working with you; thanks SO MUCH for all your love and hard work!

    Grammy Ruth

  8. Pat Says:

    Looks like you had a fun day. So wish I could have come. Can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures. Yes, you are right – the best part will be when baby boy comes. Sooo much fun, I should know 🙂

  9. Pat~ we missed you, too, but I know you had important “work” to do, running the Disney marathon with your daughter! How nice that you got to see BOTH of your grandsons on the trip!

    Can’t wait for our future playdates with our grandsons! Woohoo!

  10. […] the arrival of our daughter’s first baby, due in March.   With the preparations for the baby shower for Abbie last weekend, I found myself  becoming even more reflective of our daughter’s own […]

  11. Jessica Says:

    Ruth, I just gave you an award for being an inspiration. Thank you! You always brighten my day with your posts, your comments, and your beautiful photographs too. Thank you!

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