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Sunday Stroll: Down Memory Lane January 17, 2010

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This is a different kind of  “Sunday Stroll” today, because, as many of you know, we’re eagerly awaiting and preparing for the arrival of our daughter’s first baby, due in March.   With the preparations for the baby shower for Abbie last weekend, I found myself  becoming even more reflective of our daughter’s own birth, one very special March day almost 29 years ago.

I wanted to share some of those memories with Abbie, as she becomes a mother herself.  It’s been somewhat of a tradition in our family, on each child’s birthday, to haul out his/her babybook and to relive the story of  the birth and early years for that individual child.  Actually on the morning of the shower (as I was finished cooking and wrapping presents), I found myself looking through Abbie’s babybook once again.  I knew I had to give it to her, along with a new, blank babybook I had purchased for her own new baby.

I wanted to help Abbie preserve those same kind of memories for her own child.

Through watery eyes, I remembered the tiny anklet Abbie wore in the hospital, and I remembered how I studied every feature on her, making sure they were forever inscribed in my memory.  As a nervous, new Mom, I wanted to be sure I knew her every detail and I kept her with me in the hospital room all the time, so that I could nurse her on demand.  Upon the rare occasion that the nurses took her to weigh her, or whatever, I again checked every detail, including this tiny anklet, to be sure my own precious child was returned to me. (Probably, already a little neurotic, huh?)

I thumbed through pages of memories of birthday parties, which always followed a theme showing Abbie’s love at the moment . . . and the cake reflected the same . . . “Miss Piggy” of Sesame Street for her second birthday, a “Barbie” doll cake for her third birthday.  (Actually, I can remember making THREE Barbie doll cakes that year: one for the family party, one for her playgroup, and I’m not quite sure what the last one was for!)

Writing has always been very important to me and I’m sure I spent hours, recording every detail.  In her babybook, I included the usual: clippings from the first hair cut and an ultrasound picture, as well as notes from the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus.

As guests at the shower passed Abbie’s babybook around to share in these memories, several remarked about the detail, saying they couldn’t believe how much I had written. I must admit that our third child’s babybook may lack some of the intense written detail (sorry, Nathaniel!), but the dear memories remain.

I can remember the hours I spent, just holding each baby in the early weeks and months after birth, marveling at every, perfect little detail:  the tiny fingers and toes, the wispy hair, the delicate rolls near the wrists, and the perfect, new baby scent!  I took the time to just breathe in all of this newness, having no idea of how our lives would be irrevocably and wonderfully changed!  I wish the same for our dear daughter, Abbie, as she begins the wonderful journey of motherhood—the gift of time with your new baby.

I hope that she finds her new baby book a helpful and wonderful way to record these precious memories.  If you know her, you know that she loves to write as well, as is evident in both of her blogs, Farmer’s Daughter and Our Country Baby.  She is a quite talented writer and I learn something new from her every day.

This morning, I started recording in my own new babybook, called “Grandmother and Me.”  I hope to start making new memories with our new grandson soon and I look forward to recording some of these in this special book, which is one that grandmothers and grandchildren can write together!

Thanks for stopping by today.  If you have any advice you’d like to offer an aspiring “grandmother-to-be,” I’m all ears!

And, if you’d like to continue strolling on this Sunday, please click on over to the Quiet Country House.


12 Responses to “Sunday Stroll: Down Memory Lane”

  1. Aisling Says:

    Ruth, Love the stroll. My efforts at baby books, etc was hit or miss, depending on how busy our life was at the time, but I’m really glad to have the things I do. I don’t have any grandma advice… haven’t been one yet… but I know you will be a wonderful, inspirational grandmother. Have fun!

  2. Thanks, Aisling! Like I said, I wasn’t quite as good about recording everything for our third . . . more of a “miss.” I’m expecting some grandmotherly advice from your Mom! I’m so impressed with her blog, videos, and all the ways she stays in close touch with your children! Heck, I’m figuring to find her on FB next!

  3. margaret Says:

    This is just charming! You and Abbie both look so joyful and expectant!

  4. Cloudhands Says:

    My advice is simple. Stand by, encourage, support, only give advise when asked for it and love, love, love. Of course spoiling grandchildren is your first priority, but make sure it is within the bounds set by Abbie and her husband.
    I’m sure you have heard Grandchildren are our reward for surviving parenthood. You will do wonderfully, I just know it. What did you love about your inlaws and how they worked with you and the kids? Since I’m not crazy about giving advice i’m surprised i came up with this much. Don’t listen to anyone but Abbie and your heart. I should has started with that and quit.

    • Cloudhands~I knew I could count on YOU!

      I’m pretty sure I’ll have the “spoiling” part down pat, but I may have to work on backing off and not helping “too much,” giving advice only when asked.

      I loved that my Mom was always available, even on a moment’s notice, if I should need her, and that I could always call and brag about our child’s latest accomplishment, without making me feel like I was “bragging.” I’ve already told Abbie that! We LOVE to hear that news!

      I love what you said about “listening to your heart.” That does cover it all! Thank you!

  5. Geez Ruth, are you trying to make us all tear up? That’s all I have to say.

    • Sorry, Jena, but that’s how I find myself the majority of the time these days—teared up. Whether it’s listening to sad music on the radio or the latest news reports of the devastation in Haiti, or if it’s happy tears, thinking about new life and this new baby.

      At least these are HAPPY tears! I’m sure it won’t be any different for you and your Mom, when the time comes . . . and I hope to be tearing up right along with you both!

  6. laura Says:

    *sob* this was the most beautiful account of a mother on her daughter’s first baby. Just so precious. When I was pregnant, I often pulled out my mother’s journal so that I could read what she wrote about her pregnancy and adjustment to motherhood. I am so happy for Abbie and so grateful that she has a wonderful mama to help her and Ed out. And of course, to smother that baby with love!

    • Laura, thanks so much for your very sweet comment! My own mother always gave unconditional love to all her children and grandchildren – – – and still does at 87 years of age! I only wish to do the same for Abbie, Ed, and their new baby, and to be the kind of grandma “Mema” has been to Abbie and her brothers!

      I have so enjoyed sharing in your life adventures as you welcomed your dear sweet Liam into your family! Congratulations!

  7. Jessica Says:

    Aw, Ruth, you are such a great mom and I know this little baby is going to be so lucky to have you for a grandma. Oh, and btw, I think I’ve written so much about Annabelle (blogging on an Annabelle Baby blog for a while) and poor Levi likely will not have a blog but I’ll certainly remember all these wonderful moments with him. Right now he is actually sleeping with his arm sprawled out over my chest. Aw, aren’t our babes just the best? Love that new babe smell too, btw, 🙂

  8. I’ve given you an award because you brighten my day! Come on over to check it out 🙂

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