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Update on “Baby Belle” February 16, 2010

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Our dear filly, Isabelle, sure has grown up in the last few months!  Here she is, at 7-1/2 months old, catching up quickly in size to her mother, Annabelle.

Remember her as a newborn in June, just a few short months ago?

Mom Annabelle has decided that baby Isabelle has nursed just about long enough and now pushes her away when she attempts to nurse.  Baby Belle is quite happy to gorge herself on grain and hay and really enjoys romping in the pasture with her Mom, and our Dapple-Gray Percheron, Vinny.

She was definitely “feeling her oats” on a recent, brisk day when we turned her out after too many snowed-in days in her barn, alongside Mom.  Isabelle was quite happy to kick up her heels in the snow, as you can see in this video . . .


10 Responses to “Update on “Baby Belle””

  1. Can a muddy horse be majestic? I think so!

  2. Clean, muddy, our Percherons and Shires are always majestic in my eyes!

  3. Jessica Says:

    How beautiful! I just love their names, 🙂

  4. Ruth Says:

    Thanks, Jessica, but you know that we “borrowed” the BEST name from you; hope you don’t mind!

    Now, if Abbie and Ed could only settle on some good baby names . . .

  5. She’s so big! Oh my goodness!

  6. Babies have a way of growing, especially horses! Just think, unlike human babies, foals are walking their FIRST day!

    Sure hope Abbie’s baby doesn’t grow up THIS quickly! : )

  7. Rob Says:

    Horse? My god she is getting to be the size of an elephant. The horse look good BTW and yes Abbie, A muddy horse can be majestic!

  8. Rob Says:

    P>S I keep sending baby names to Abby, and she just poo poo’s them- I suggested John (considering their last name) and she said she has a brother Jonathon. There is a whole list of names for the Waltons for a boy:
    John, Ben, Jim-Bob, Granpa… all good baby names! Talk to her would ya?

  9. Don’t feel bad, Rob, she just poo poos all the names I mention, too! She says all the “good ones” are already taken by family members, or that they remind her of a student . . . or she just makes a face at our suggestions! Guess it’ll be a surprise for ALL of us! (Oh, and by the way, I have a brother, nephew, and a brother-in-law by the name of Robert, so probably that name is out, too!)

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