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Aloha Friday #24 December 10, 2010

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My “Aloha Friday” question this Friday is . . .

What favorite holiday traditions do you and your family enjoy?

In other words, what’s a tradition that you and your family hold dear, that without which, the holidays would just not be the same?

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4 Responses to “Aloha Friday #24”

  1. Dea-chan Says:

    The only actual tradition that my family did every year was Christmas Eve at my grandparents house (grandma is Ukrainian, so we have a traditional Christmas Eve fasting dinner…), then to the Italian Christmas feast leftovers from one family friend’s house, and then to hanging out with the shrimp cocktail at another family friend’s house. And then home at 3am, on Christmas morning. 😛

    Sadly, I will be missing that this year due to work, but will be making a daytrip to my fiance’s family for Christmas day!

  2. Enjoy your day, no matter how you celebrate this year! Sometimes, starting new traditions is the beginning of something wonderful!

  3. jmama Says:

    We drive around and look at lights while eating ice cream. I know ice cream doesn’t seem “wintery” but it’s a tradition. I love it!

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