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“You can’t spoil a newborn . . . “ April 11, 2010

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. . . so the adage goes. . . and I believe it!  (And it’s not for lack of trying, that’s for sure!)

When this beautiful bundle we call Joshua is sleeping, I find I just can’t put him down.  He’s a cuddler. . . he nestles right into your body, the crook of your arm, the nape of your neck, and then he relaxes against your beating heart.  Abbie and Ed’s little one (notice I’m giving them the credit!) is my pride and joy and is a joyful reminder of our own babies at this age.  I revel in the softness, sweetness, baby scent that is his alone and when I hold him, the rest of the world just stops.

Joshua’s four weeks old already, but is still in that very precious infant stage, when everything revolves around his immediate and basic needs.  I’m so happy to be able to share in this magical time.

I’m also just so incredibly proud of how parenthood has totally enraptured his parents.  Abbie and Ed~ ~you are the most incredible, natural, knowing parents who seem to be taking all of this newness in stride.  Thank you for sharing Joshua with us and for not worrying about us all “spoiling” him, because “it’s not possible to spoil a newborn” according to the experts, no matter how we will try!

The incredibly wonderful new Mom


The equally wonderful new Dad

Proud Uncle Nate

The miracle named Joshua!

This little baby has brought so much joy into our family. . .thank you for letting me ramble on about it.

Have you had a new baby join your family (recently or long ago) who has forever helped you readjust your life priorities?  Please share . . .