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The Miracle of Birth June 27, 2009

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 annabelle's baby 125

Annabelle’s foal surprised us my making her entrance into the world a little sooner than expected!  She is the most beautiful, perfect, spotted draft filly with lanky legs, beautiful, long eyelashes, and a skip in her step . . . all in her first day!

Annabelle is the MOST PERFECT mother, catering to her young daughter’s every wish . . .

annabelle's baby 073

Of course, timing is everything and when I got the call early Thursday morning that our new baby had arrived, I didn’t believe it at first.  I was also heartbroken because I was hours away, giving an educational workshop.  Even though school was out for students, it wasn’t for me and I was dying to bond with our new baby.  I dashed out just as soon as I could and spent the next 2 hours in the barn, just admiring this work of perfection!  She is so perfect, it is almost surreal!

We’re still searching for JUST the right name for her.  Under consideration at the moment are:  Isabelle, Belle, Beauty, Rosabelle, Belle of the Ball, Cinderella, probably all preceeded by Rose Farms’ ___________.  It’s a difficult decision to agree on!  Any thoughts?

To see more pix, skip on over to our Rose Orchards site.  Abbie and I have taken hundreds of photos of our new treasure in the first couple of days and will post more soon, as soon as I return from barn to admire her some more . . .


We’re Having a Baby! February 26, 2009

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. . . Baby Workhorse, that is!

OK, this may be a bit “premature,” but we’re pretty excited!  The mare in the above picture, who is a beautiful Shire Workhorse and stands 18 Hands tall, will be joining our farm family tomorrow!  Here, she’s pictured with a foal she had previously, on the day he was born.  Isn’t he cute?

Here’s another picture of this beautiful female Shire, showing her true black color in the winter, at her current home in Michigan.  Looks like she doesn’t mind the snow with that nice, thick coat.  Well, the good news is, she’s pregnant again, due to foal this summer . . . on our farm!

Here’s the “Daddy” . . . . .


He’s a magnificent, registered Premium Spotted Draft, who stands 18.2 Hands tall.  Can you imagine how beautiful–and big– their baby will be?

So, we’re eagerly awaiting “Mom’s” arrival on our farm tomorrow, and hoping she has a comfortable ride here, which is about a 12-hour drive.  Then, of course, we’re hoping for a very healthy, happy pregnancy.  We’re also thinking baby names, but, yes, that is a bit premature!!!  It’s always been my husband’s dream to raise a workshorse from the baby stage, here on our farm.  Although we’ve had two teams of Percherons (a triple-team at one time!), we’ve always gotten them as adults.  Kind of like always getting a grown dog, never a puppy.  You know how cute puppies are!!!

We also need to decide if we should keep the mare’s current name or adapt it in some way.  We really have to meet her first!  She’ll be welcomed by our current team of dapple-grey Percherons . . .

. . . as well as  Duke, our Golden Retriever . . .


and our mini-horse, Whinny . . .

I’ll keep you “posted!”