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Sunday Stroll: Walking Two Farms February 8, 2009

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I took advantage of the warmer temps lately to “stroll” two farms:  both my family’s farm where I grew up, and my husband’s family farm, where we’ve lived for the past 30 years.


I guess I was destined to live on a farm.  I grew up on a dairy farm in a neighboring town, and of course as a child, didn’t appreciate the vast, open spaces, as we had all kind of chores to do, including “minding cows.”  What’s that you say?  Well, even my husband, who grew up on a dairy farm the next town over, had never heard of such a thing.  We kids (siblings, cousins, and me) had the important job of “acting like a fence” while the cows were grazing, which meant we had to keep them in a certain lot and away from vegetable gardens, etc.  What a summer job!  My husband’s family just used a movable fence for this job, of course!


There are still lots of wide open spaces on the farm I grew up on, but no dairy cows.  With  the passing of both my Dad and my uncle, the next generation has turned it into a farm hosting beefers, horses, and Christmas trees.


My 80-something-year-old mother, who had been feeling the effects of “cabin fever” lately due to all the treacherous ice around, enjoyed walking the fields with me during this thaw.  I enjoyed reliving childhood memories and great conversation!


Back at home, my trusty Sheepdog campanion, was awaiting a walk of his own.


On our farm, the thick layer of snow on the pond had melted, creating a glassy surface.  When it freezes up again, we should have perfect skating!


A veritable current of water was running through the apple orchard from all the melted snow.


The river is running higher from all the added “liquid” snow and ice.


What a lovely day for a stroll in near 50 degree temperatures–and with the occasional sun peeking through.

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