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Spring Skiing at Burke Moutain – – – Simply the Best!!! March 26, 2011

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Last Sunday, my DH and I had a chance to get some spring skiing in at Burke Mountain in the Northeast Kingdom.  When our kids were little, they’d say, “We know why it’s called ‘Burke,’ because it’s always ‘BRRRRRR’ there!”   That’s true, especially in January and February, but we were very fortunate to catch a balmy spring day in March where you didn’t need to fear frostbite for any uncovered skin.

Burke is a wonderfully challenging mountain; in fact it’s a favorite spot for olympic skiers to train.  We hadn’t skied in a couple of years and it was great to see we hadn’t forgotten how!  In other words, we’ve still got it!  (Actually, my objective now is mostly just to get down the moutain in one piece!)

The view from the lift was incredible, too . . .

especially from the top of the mountain  . . .

Another fun sight this time of year is the “Mardi Gras” tree near the top of the mountain, which features a colorful array of beads and undergarments that have been tossed from the lift by skiiers . . .

A beautiful day of Spring Skiing is just about better than anything else . . .

. . . except of course we raced home that evening to spend time with our one-year-old grandson, Joshua!


4 Responses to “Spring Skiing at Burke Moutain – – – Simply the Best!!!”

  1. Patricia Barrett Says:

    The skiing looked awsome Ruth!!! wish we were there 🙂

  2. ruth Says:

    Thanks, Pat! You’ll have to join us next time!!!

  3. Wow Ruth, it looks like you had a GREAT time!! Love the view!

  4. Thanks, Jenna. The view IS fabulous from the top of the mountain; in fact, we came back this weekend for some more! The only drawback is being away from that adorable grandson of ours!

    Speaking of babies, you must be getting excited and your big day must be coming soon! XXX OOO to YOU!!!

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