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My Handsome Guys! May 17, 2009

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Just couldn’t resist snapping these pix the other day as my guys were taking care of our workhorses and new calf.


Jonathan’s leading our pair of Dapple Gray Percherons to the barn after they enjoyed a day of romping in the pasture.  Our original team were brothers,  named Bob and Duke.  These guys go by the names of Bill and Vinny, but I find myself reverting often to the names of our two orignals, who were truly the best.  In homage to then, I still call the new team, “Bob and Duke.”  That way, I don’t have to break the sad news of the of the original team’s passing, one by one, to the hordes of little ones who visit the farm daily.  As they age, Percherons change from a dappled gray to almost pure white.  Aren’t these guys handsome?


Here’s Nathaniel lovingly carrying a new Brown Swiss calf from his truck to make its home on our farm.  This little bull comes to us from a neighboring farm and we’re still looking for just the right name for him.   Any ideas for a fitting name for this cutey?

Oh, by the way, to all the twenty-somethings out there, the handsome guys with two legs are single—at least presently!


We’re Having a Baby! February 26, 2009

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. . . Baby Workhorse, that is!

OK, this may be a bit “premature,” but we’re pretty excited!  The mare in the above picture, who is a beautiful Shire Workhorse and stands 18 Hands tall, will be joining our farm family tomorrow!  Here, she’s pictured with a foal she had previously, on the day he was born.  Isn’t he cute?

Here’s another picture of this beautiful female Shire, showing her true black color in the winter, at her current home in Michigan.  Looks like she doesn’t mind the snow with that nice, thick coat.  Well, the good news is, she’s pregnant again, due to foal this summer . . . on our farm!

Here’s the “Daddy” . . . . .


He’s a magnificent, registered Premium Spotted Draft, who stands 18.2 Hands tall.  Can you imagine how beautiful–and big– their baby will be?

So, we’re eagerly awaiting “Mom’s” arrival on our farm tomorrow, and hoping she has a comfortable ride here, which is about a 12-hour drive.  Then, of course, we’re hoping for a very healthy, happy pregnancy.  We’re also thinking baby names, but, yes, that is a bit premature!!!  It’s always been my husband’s dream to raise a workshorse from the baby stage, here on our farm.  Although we’ve had two teams of Percherons (a triple-team at one time!), we’ve always gotten them as adults.  Kind of like always getting a grown dog, never a puppy.  You know how cute puppies are!!!

We also need to decide if we should keep the mare’s current name or adapt it in some way.  We really have to meet her first!  She’ll be welcomed by our current team of dapple-grey Percherons . . .

. . . as well as  Duke, our Golden Retriever . . .


and our mini-horse, Whinny . . .

I’ll keep you “posted!”


Favorite Superbowl Commercials February 1, 2009

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My favorite “super” scenes always center around the Budweiser Clydesdales, more for the wondrous horses and much less for the beer!

That’s probably because they remind me so much of our own Percheron workhorses,  Bob and Duke, now in their retirement years.

One of my all-time favorites is when the dalmation puts Clydesdale  “Hank” through training to become a member of the coveted team, to the theme of “Rocky” music.  You can view that at:

What’s your favorite Superbowl commercial?  Will you be watching this year?  I’ll be watching–I hate to say–mostly for the newly released commercials and to see what “our horses” are up to this year!  Food is always a big part of the game, too.  I’ll be preparing a veritable smorgasbord for my family this year as usual.

Please leave a comment on your fave scene and check back post-game, too, to leave a comment on your new favorites!