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Is Facebook squeezing out your blog? November 27, 2010

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We all know how Facebook can suck up your time, but is it squeezing our your blogging time, too?

I’m afraid it’s doing just that to me!  I’m guilty of doing a “quickie” over at FB, instead of giving attention to my blog.  It’s so e-a-s-y to post a brief status update;  upload a pic or two; and check on a few friends and families members for their latest news.  Writing a complete post along with photos on my blog takes longer . . . but it is so worthwhile.  I’m just not sure as many people have access to my blog, as they do to FB . . . actually, I’m quite sure NOT as many people read my blog as they do a quick read of my FB page.

Maybe I should just link my new blog posts (and old ones, for that matter) to my FB status updates.  That might even “up” my readership?!?!

So, if you’ve been wondering what I’ve been doing besides spending time on FB, I am still working/teaching fulltime; still going to school fulltime (currently taking three courses in my Doctoral Program); and spending as much time as possible with this cutie:

So, I’m wondering, is FB squeezing out YOUR blog writing & reading time?


Good reason to be AWOL! January 8, 2010

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So sorry I haven’t been posting much, but I have  good reason!

Will fill you in more after tomorrow!

I find I’m posting more on Facebook, as it’s so quick to give a status update there, so click on over, if you’d like!

Hugs and Happy New Year!



Meeting my Super-Hero Blogger—Pioneer Woman–in Person! December 13, 2009

Yesterday, I had the time of my life when I traveled to NYC and had a chance to meet my all-time favorite blogger, Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman, in person! 

She’s even nicer, more down-to-earth, sweeter—and even taller—than I expected!

My daughter, Abbie, aka The Farmer’s Daughter, and I went by train, and then taxi to Chelsea Market to meet up with Ree.  Anyone who knows Ree, knows how much she LOVES babies, and she was all over the fact that Abbie’s pregnant and was quite chatty.  She wanted to know when the baby is due, if it’s a first, etc., etc.  (March and yes!)

Abbie wore a top that left no doubt as to whether she was indeed expecting, or not.  Here’s a closeup:

P-dub was all over that!

She was quite gracious, too.  When someone asked for her expertise with a camera . . .

. . . of course, she obliged . . .

When we first arrived at Chelsea Market, we found it to be a magical place.  It’s a huge building, which was orginally a Nabisco Factory, but which is now filled with shops, stores, eateries, and tons of Christmas Decorations.  We saw. . .

Upside-down Christmas trees. . .

and lots of decorations from recycled products . . .

A CD-tree, for instance . . .

. . . and fabulous creations from old plastic cups . . .

As we joined the queue to meet Ree, we had no idea how long the wait would be, as the first people in line had arrived at 8 am for the 11:00 book signing!

We chatted it up with those around us.  There was a couple behind us who traveled from Massachusetts, a little bit further than us, coming in from Connecticut.  The woman, a food blogger known as This Week’s Menu, gave me a great idea, which you’ll see at the end of the post.

With all the visiting and comparing notes about blogs and other interests, the line moved quickly, but it continued to grow and grow and grow . . . behind us!

When it was our turn to meet Ree, I felt I had to ‘fess up to something . . . remember when my hubbie and son were in Oklahoma and they wanted to surprise me with Ree’s just-released cookbook?  Well, they arrived home with a bright, shiny, colorful Pioneer Woman Cooks book, all full of wonderful “cowboy food,” as Ree calls it, but with a suspicious signature . . .

Ree laughed and quickly added her own, authentic signature!

Like I said, Ree is incredibly gracious!

Thanks for an fabulously fun day, Ree!

So . . . in the spirit of this giving season, I’m giving away an AUTOGRAPHED copy of Ree’s famous cookbook, which is currently on the New York Times Bestseller List, as a gift to one of my readers.  (Andrea~thanks so much for the idea!)

This book is oh-so-much-more than a cookbook!  It is a storybook of Ree’s family and adventures on her Oklahoma ranch, bursting with wonderful pictures and stories of her family, both the human kind and the animal kind!  You will surely adore it! 

It also has wonderful recipes, too.  Our daughter, Abbie, recently made us Ree’s Sticky Buns and they are to die for!

So . . . if you’re interested in entering a random drawing for this fabulous book, just leave a comment telling why you’d like it, why you like Ree, or both!






Aloha Friday #23: Weekend Plans? December 11, 2009

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My “Aloha Friday” question this Friday  is . . .

Do you have any big plans this weekend?

As for me, I’m heading into NYC with my daughter to meet our all-time,  favorite  blogger, Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman, at her book signing.

I’ll also be addressing baby shower invitations, Christmas shopping, and doing schoolwork.  I’m sure there won’t be enough hours for everything!  What about you?

Whatever you’re doing  this weekend, ENJOY!

 If you’d like to participate in more Aloha Friday questions, click on over to  An Island Life for Kailani’s  “Aloha Friday



I just LOVE Pioneer Woman! October 3, 2009

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OK, I just have to admit it, as much as I hate to.  I just love “Pioneer Woman,” aka “P-Dub,” aka “Ree Drummond.”  She is a successful, talented blogger, who as she says, “turned in her black heels for tractor wheels,” when she left the “big city” to raise a family on an Oklahoma ranch.

Anyone who can be so self-deprecatingly funny, how can you not love them?  Check out her nagging questions about her high-school photo . . .

“Six Plaguing Questions I Have About This Photo, Ca. 1986 (alternate title: “Hell“)


1. Why the hell are my bangs that short?
2. What the hell am I looking at?
3. How the hell many hours did I spend in the tanning booth to get my skin that color? (hint: ask my dermatologist.)
4. How the hell many layers of blush am I wearing?
5. Why…why…why the…why the hell did I feel compelled to match my eyeshadow to my clothes?
6. Why the hell didn’t anyone tell me?”

How many of US have high-school pix that we could ask these same questions about?

If you haven’t checked out P-Dub yet, visit

You might just love her, too!  Why should we keep good blogs to ourselves?  I actually just bought two of her cookbooks for Christmas presents!  (One for myself!)


Finally on Facebook!

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OK, so I finally buckled under the pressure and joined Facebook.  As an educator, it’s important to maintain an appropriate distance from students and families, but you can pretty much accept or ignore “Friend” requests . . . and since I NEVER post anything objectionnable, I think it’s really OK.

What I’ve found out is:

  • Facebook is so much easier and quicker than blogging, which I hate to admit, but you’re just posting quick “tweets,” and connecting with so many people.
  • Speaking of “tweets,” I actually like it better than Twitter, because it’s easier to add web links, pix, and videos (at least for me!)

So if you’re not on Facebook  yet (is anyone out there NOT on Facebook?) I’d encourage you to try it.  Go to:  You can search for me as “Ruth Rose” in case you want to send a friend request.  Happy “Facebooking!”  Is that accepted as a verb yet?


10,000 Hits and Counting! May 23, 2009

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Although I still consider myself somewhat of a “virgin” in the blogging world, I realized recently that I’ve racked up an incredible 10,000+ hits on my “Everydaywoman” blog . . . thanks to all who have been following, reading, and commenting!

So . . . if you’ve been one of those quiet, “behind-the-scenes” reader and haven’t yet left a comment, why not do that now?  I’d LOVE to hear from you.

It’s  ironic, too, as I’m noticing this 10,000-hit blogging milestone, that I also find out that Farmer’s Daughter has hit me up in another way.  She’s awarded me the “Kreativ Blogger” award for managing my three blogs (personal, educational, and family farm).  Aw, shucks, Abbie, you’re my real inspiration!  Thank you!


Here’s the deal.  I need to list 7 things I LOVE and then send this award onto to a few more creative bloggers.  So, here goes . . .

I love:

  1. My family, for putting up with me (most of the time!)
  2. My DH for challenging me to follow my dream by changing my career course in my 4th decade of life!
  3. My daughter, who has grown up to be my friend. . . who I learn so much from on a daily basis!
  4. My rewarding, challenging, totally-consuming career, working with elementary school children.
  5. My candy-apple red, “ragtop” ‘stang, especially on a day like today, when I feel the breeze in my hair!
  6. Country music, which makes me smile, sing out loud, laugh, and cry!
  7. Hot, sultry summer, which is right about the bend!

I pass this “Kreativ Blogger” Award on to:

  1. Lisa at Retro Housewife Goes Green, who’s hip, creative, and green.
  2. Kayla at My Polychrome Life who’s been blogging from Italy while studying fashion there.
  3. Imelda at Greenish Lady, whose “green” take on things comes from the green land of Ireland.
  4. Aisling of The Quiet Country House,  who organizes  a “Sunday Stroll” for fellow bloggers each week.

Congrats, ladies, and ENJOY!  You deserve it!