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Spring Skiing at Burke Moutain – – – Simply the Best!!! March 26, 2011

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Last Sunday, my DH and I had a chance to get some spring skiing in at Burke Mountain in the Northeast Kingdom.  When our kids were little, they’d say, “We know why it’s called ‘Burke,’ because it’s always ‘BRRRRRR’ there!”   That’s true, especially in January and February, but we were very fortunate to catch a balmy spring day in March where you didn’t need to fear frostbite for any uncovered skin.

Burke is a wonderfully challenging mountain; in fact it’s a favorite spot for olympic skiers to train.  We hadn’t skied in a couple of years and it was great to see we hadn’t forgotten how!  In other words, we’ve still got it!  (Actually, my objective now is mostly just to get down the moutain in one piece!)

The view from the lift was incredible, too . . .

especially from the top of the mountain  . . .

Another fun sight this time of year is the “Mardi Gras” tree near the top of the mountain, which features a colorful array of beads and undergarments that have been tossed from the lift by skiiers . . .

A beautiful day of Spring Skiing is just about better than anything else . . .

. . . except of course we raced home that evening to spend time with our one-year-old grandson, Joshua!


Weekend in “God’s Country” May 25, 2009

Vermont May 2009 008

Vermont May 2009 009

We spent the long Memorial Day Weekend working/playing in one of our favorite places in the Northeast Kingdom.  Of course, there were some chores to take care of, like cutting the grass, but we were outside and it was lovely!

So,  we did some of this . . .

Vermont May 2009 001

. . . and some of this . . .

Vermont May 2009 002

. . . and this . . .

Vermont May 2009 003

 . . . and a bit  of this . . .

  Vermont May 2009 006

. . . and then some of this . . .

Vermont May 2009 005

. . . TOO much of this. . .

Vermont May 2009 007

. . . and a bit of this . . .

Vermont May 2009 010

and some of this . . .

Vermont May 2009 012

My very own “Marlboro Man,” but better . . . he doesn’t smoke, he’s just smokin’!

And, he even cooks (fresh-caught Brook Trout, that is) . . .

Vermont May 2009 015

Eat your heart out, PW!

I did a little of this . . .


and a teeny bit of this . . .

Vermont May 2009 014

and a LOT of this!

Vermont May 2009 016

And, then, some more of this . . .

Vermont May 2009 004

Of course, what I didn’t spend a lot of time on was the paperwork that I brought with me (and laptop, too, of course) for school tomorrow, which I guess is what the middle of the night will be for tonight!

Here’s wishing a wonderful weekend and memories to you and your family, wherever it finds you, your friends, and family.  And not to forget the real reason for this Memorial Weekend, I leave you with some patriotic words in respect for all who have served and continue to serve our country in the military, from another one of my favorite guys, Toby Keith . . . American Soldier . . .



Red Sky at Night . . . December 29, 2008

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We dashed to the Northeast Kingdom for a few quick days and–although it was warmer than it should have been for this time of year and we had rain–we were treated to this magnificent sunset when it cleared for a bit last night!

Back home, it was reported to be 60 F yesterday and many places are experiencing spring-like weather in December.  We had enough snow to play in for a bit, but I say . . . bring on winter in all its glory!


As the saying goes, “Red sky at night, sailor’s delight!”  So, we should be in for a great day!


Sunday Stroll: Northeast Kingdom!!! December 15, 2008

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My weekend took me to an unexpected place: the icy, Northeast Kingdom!  I wasn’t expecting to post a Sunday Stroll and had a zillion things to do at home, but due to the necessity of checking on a questionable furnace at our family’s northern home during recent winter ice and snow storms, we made a mad dash to this polar wonderland.

Despite the -1 F temps, I totally enjoyed this experience—especially the incredible sights.  I know that everything will still be awaiting me at home, but it was well worth it!




Icicles galore!




Duke totally enjoyed himself, making his own kind of snow angels . . .







Fortunately, my multi-talented DH was able to clean a screen on the furnace and restart it before any pipes had frozen, and was also able to shovel snow. . .





After getting the chalet in order, we  took in some Christmas-y sights at a nearby, larger town . . .








and, then, enjoyed the fire!









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