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10,000 Hits and Counting! May 23, 2009

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Although I still consider myself somewhat of a “virgin” in the blogging world, I realized recently that I’ve racked up an incredible 10,000+ hits on my “Everydaywoman” blog . . . thanks to all who have been following, reading, and commenting!

So . . . if you’ve been one of those quiet, “behind-the-scenes” reader and haven’t yet left a comment, why not do that now?  I’d LOVE to hear from you.

It’s  ironic, too, as I’m noticing this 10,000-hit blogging milestone, that I also find out that Farmer’s Daughter has hit me up in another way.  She’s awarded me the “Kreativ Blogger” award for managing my three blogs (personal, educational, and family farm).  Aw, shucks, Abbie, you’re my real inspiration!  Thank you!


Here’s the deal.  I need to list 7 things I LOVE and then send this award onto to a few more creative bloggers.  So, here goes . . .

I love:

  1. My family, for putting up with me (most of the time!)
  2. My DH for challenging me to follow my dream by changing my career course in my 4th decade of life!
  3. My daughter, who has grown up to be my friend. . . who I learn so much from on a daily basis!
  4. My rewarding, challenging, totally-consuming career, working with elementary school children.
  5. My candy-apple red, “ragtop” ‘stang, especially on a day like today, when I feel the breeze in my hair!
  6. Country music, which makes me smile, sing out loud, laugh, and cry!
  7. Hot, sultry summer, which is right about the bend!

I pass this “Kreativ Blogger” Award on to:

  1. Lisa at Retro Housewife Goes Green, who’s hip, creative, and green.
  2. Kayla at My Polychrome Life who’s been blogging from Italy while studying fashion there.
  3. Imelda at Greenish Lady, whose “green” take on things comes from the green land of Ireland.
  4. Aisling of The Quiet Country House,  who organizes  a “Sunday Stroll” for fellow bloggers each week.

Congrats, ladies, and ENJOY!  You deserve it!


3,400 Hits and Counting!!! December 30, 2008

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I’m gratified to learn that since starting this here blog last July, a number of people have graced me by stopping by and dropping a comment here and there.  According to the magic “elves” who keep counts of such stats, “Everydaywoman” has just received  3,400 hits.  Thanks to all of you who find time to stop by–and if you haven’t taken time to leave a comment yet–please do so in the New Year!  Hope to see you back soon.  All the BEST to everyone as we embark on another year of blogging in 2009!!!