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Wonderful Tradition! January 10, 2010

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What do you call a tradition that brings together a group of close friends and family members to lovingly support a new mother-to-be?

A baby shower, of course!  And what a wonderful tradition it is!

Our baby shower yesterday for my daughter, Abbie, also involved a  lot of noise (60 or so women talking simultaneously, re-living memories of their own children/childbirth and offering advice); scrumptious food that only women would enjoy (broccoli/slivered almond quiche, pink lemonade punch, tiny sandwiches); and narrowly escaping cars getting stuck in the snow nor any broken hips from icy, steep driveways.

All in all, it was wonderful.  And it was exactly what showers traditionally bring: wonderful comraderie among friends and family; incredible support for the mom-to-be; a chance to tell stories of days past; and mountains of gifts!

“Chick” food . . .

Abbie sharing a laugh with an aunt. . .

A diaper cake ?!?!

Abbie with high school friends, both now married, and one  a new mother . . .

Mom-to-be with grandmas-to-be . . .

This new baby is incredibly fortunate to be welcomed by THREE great-grandmas, shown here in their fashionable “great-grandma” tiaras!

Party favors . . .

. . . including Sweet Pea seeds that can be planted around the time of the baby’s arrival in March . . .

The incredibly delicious (chocolate!) blue duck cake, complete with bubbles(!), that Abbie’s mother-in-law and sister-in-law created . . .

Abbie trying on a baby-size “moo-cow” outfit . . .

My daughter and me . . .

We can’t wait to welcome this baby into the world!

Have you participated in this social convention, too, known as a Baby Shower?


Update on “Best Friends,” aka the “Grandmas!” October 24, 2009

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OK, I just feel compelled to post an update about some  Best Friends who have raised our kids together.  My, how time flies!  We got together this week as one of our good friends was back visiting after moving out of town, and we talked about everything from memories of our kids in nursery school through high school to weddings and babies!


Here’s the latest . . . 3 of us are now Grandmas or Grandmas-to-be!!!  How is that even possible?  By March of next year, there will be 4 grandchildren between us, with one of us even a two-time Grandma!


Here we are today, and if I do say so myself, we’re none the “worse for wear!”  Or . . . maybe just a little bit!  I think the lack of sleep is catching up with me (and I’m  not the one with my eyes shut!)

Do you good friends whose lives are forever intertwined through children and life experiences?  It’s the best “glue” there is!


How they told us . . . August 29, 2009

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On the evening of July 19th, Abbie (aka Farmer’s Daughter) calls and asks if we’re going to be home, because she and Ed would like to stop by for a bit on their way to his parents for his Mom’s birthday celebration.

“Okay, sure, we’re home. . . out by the pool.”

When they arrive, Abbie asks when Dad is getting home and where her brother is.  I answered that they were probably feeding the horses and would be home sometime . . .

Still not getting suspiscious or anything . . . making small talk. . .

When the immediate family has gathered (just Abbie’s parents and siblings), she reaches into her bag and hands me this book:


I start screaming, jumping up and down, clapping my hands, pretty much making a fool of myself.  (I had a bathingsuit on, so I’m sure it was NOT a pretty sight.)

My husband and sons are looking at me, like, OK, we know Mom’s crazy and all, but what the heck?

Then, I blurt out, “You can’t let the grandparents name the baby!” and show the guys the book.

“Um, Mom,” Abbie says, “That’s a book of names for GRANDPARENTS!”

“Oh, right. . . “***still jumping up and down with joy***”I knew that!  How exciting!”

I’m totally giddy and reveling in joy and a million thoughts are swirling through my head (when? boy/girl? my baby girl is having a baby!/etc./etc.) and Abbie’s father says something so composed, like “I know that you two will make wonderful parents!”

I had been waiting for this time for a while and really didn’t expect it when it came. . . and then, they tell me that I can’t tell ANYONE, until they decide the time is right, like September 1st! 

All I could think is “How will I ever keep my mouth shut?”

Then, they were off to Ed’s family to give that same book to his Mom for her birthday. What a gift that was for Marie, too. . . . and the two grandmas-to-be have been crazy with joy ever since!  Right, Mimi?