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“30 Days of Beauty” Photography Challenge: DAY 2 February 17, 2010

Good Morning!

Here’s my second offering (on the second day no less!) in my quest to find beauty in the winter, specifically in the snow . . .

Isn’t he cute?  Duke just loves to “weasel,” as we call it, in freshly fallen snow.

Oh, by the way, if you’d like to follow Duke’s adventures, you can converse with him on Facebook at Duke Farmdawg!

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Fun with Tractors! August 10, 2009

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Living on a farm, tractors are usually connected to work, but this past weekend our boys had a little fun with their antique tractor!

Jonathan and Nathaniel entered their 1955 Ford 960, which they restored themselves to pretty pristine condition (if I do say so myself), in an Antique Tractor Pull at our town’s annual summer Corn & Potato Festival.

Jon was successful pulling more than 5,000 lbs. in the first round, pulling wheelies all the way.  (Note to guys:  aren’t “wheelie bars” in order for next time?)

In checking out the other antique tractors there,  I noticed they had all kinds of contraptions.  There were old Olivers, Farm-alls, and of course, John Deeres.  Ours was the only Ford there.


The guys were checking out their competition . . .


It was a beautiful, sunny, summer day.  There are always interesting sites at a fair that add to the festivities.  Here’s a take-off on your typical John Deere logo, which drew a bit of attention. (Actually, this “T” might be “R” rated!)


There were a few women drivers in the crowd, too, which was great to see!


Some of the “extras” on the tractors, like banners and paint jobs,  were quite spectatular. . .


I know my guys are scheming for the next round of Tractor Pulls, figuring how they can make their antique a little more high-tech!  It was so much fun to watch, remembering my boys on their pedal toy tractors as kids, now all grown up, but always kids at heart!




It’s a PERFECT Summer Day . . . July 15, 2009

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. . .for the beach?


Well, no, not exactly, and certainly not if you’re a farmer!  It’s a PERFECT summer day for making hay!

It has to be hot—-really HOT—-with dry air, and if you can finagle a breeze in there, that would be great, but that doesn’t always happen.  If the air is too humid and heavy, the hay doesn’t dry well, and well—you don’t want moist hay.  That presents a smoldering, possible fire-hazzard later in the barn, if you put it away with moisture still in it.


What do I know about haying, anyway?  Well, I grew up on a farm and I remember it was always the HOTTEST days of summer when we were baling hay and carting it to the barn.  As the youngest of five, with three big brothers who were alot stronger, I usually got to drive the tractor while the boys picked up the bales.  Today, I’m watching my own sons, nephews, dear hubby, and brother-in-law do the bullwork, while I man the camera.

It’s a parade of sorts, with equipment today, as my brother-in-law, Bob, heads up the parade with the Ford 9700  . . .

Nate, my youngest son, is in the John Deere 5525.  (AC cab w/ music, I believe.) How does he rate?

After the cutting, the raking, and tedding (to dry out the hay), the tractor. . .


pulls the baler. . .


. . . which, in turn, pulls the hay wagon . . .


There’s a really neat “kicker” on the baler, which “kicks” about 150 bales into the wagon, until it’s full.  We didn’t have this when we were kids; that was a job for my brothers to do by hand.

Of course, there are times when the kicker overshoots the wagon . . .


Today, it was my nephew, Stephen’s job, to capture those run-away bales.

Then, there was the off-loading to trucks to cart the hay bales to the barn . . .


My DH was “on top” of that job!


Jonathan, our older son,  and Steve made quick work of moving the bales, as they tossed them with aplomb! 


Of course, dear Duke was “riding shotgun,” with Al,  as always!  Duke is always a supervisor of sorts . . .


Haying is  HOT work and one of my other “jobs” is to provide ice-cold drinks.  Nate (aka Nathaniel, although I’m the only one who calls him that these days)  takes a brief respite between loads while he re-hydrates.  Next, come the most sweltering job of all: moving the hay from the truck to the haymow, up high in the barn.  There’s absolutely no air circulation there!

When my hard-working guys got home, I had a  rib-sticking “cowboy dinner” waiting for them:  BBQ pork, macaroni and cheese, fresh garden salad with ranch dressing, and warm, Rustica rolls. 


Oh, did I mention that making hay was how they “topped off’ their day after a full-day’s work on their construction site?  I’m in awe of them . . .

Peach pie a la mode for dessert, anyone?


Aloha Friday #11 July 2, 2009

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annabelle's baby 125

Friday is coming again, so that means it’s time for . . .

My “Aloha Friday” question this week is: 



Here’s a little background . . . her Mom is a Shire Workhorse named Annabelle and the baby filly (girl) is black & white and a week old.  She’s more than 150 lbs. already with long, spindly legs, who loves to run!

Here are some of the names in the running, but our family is having trouble coming to consensus on the perfect name:

  • Belle
  • Bella
  • Isabelle
  • Shiloh
  • Shania
  • Beauty
  • Cinderella/”Ella”

(Thanks so much for your ideas!!!)


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"Mommy, will they be nice to me?"

Annabelle & Baby (3 days old) out in the pasture for the first time.


Talk of the Barnyard! (Sunday Stroll–June 28) June 28, 2009

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Since our new filly was born, she’s been the talk of the barnyard.  On her third day, we introduced her to the menagerie of other animals on the farm.

Here’s what everyone is saying . . .

"Who's the new kid on the block?"

"Who's the new kid on the block?"

"I don't see what all the fuss is about.  She isn't even a long neck!"

"I don't see what all the fuss is about. She isn't even a long neck!"

"Let's get a closer look. . ."

"Let's get a closer look. . ."

"Mommy, will they be nice to me?"

"Mommy, will they be nice to me?"

"I'm king of the mountain!"

"I'm king of the mountain!"

"Whinny, you may THINK you're king of the mountain, but you WILL be nice to my new baby girl!"

"Whinny, you may THINK you're king of the mountain, but you WILL be nice to my new baby girl!"

"Mommy, I'm scared!"

"Mommy, I'm scared!"

"Will you be my friend?  We're about the same size!"

"Will you be my friend? We're about the same size!"

"Mommy, I'm hungry!"

"Mommy, I'm hungry!"


"Can we play together?"

"Can we play together?"

"Mommy, I think they like me, but I'm SO tired . . ."

"Mommy, I think they like me, but I'm SO tired . . ."

"A Mother's work is never done . . . "
“A Mother’s work is never done . . . “

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I took a Sunday Stroll of our fruit orchards on this very wet Sunday and I’ve posted it over at our farm site, Rose Orchards, at

Please click on over to check it out.  To see who else is strolling this Sunday and to see the weather and what’s blooming in their neck of the woods, click on over to the Quiet Country House.


2 BROTHERS, 2 TRACTORS May 31, 2009

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Two brothers, two tractors, working the land . . . what a beautiful sight!