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Good reason to be AWOL! January 8, 2010

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So sorry I haven’t been posting much, but I have  good reason!

Will fill you in more after tomorrow!

I find I’m posting more on Facebook, as it’s so quick to give a status update there, so click on over, if you’d like!

Hugs and Happy New Year!



HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! December 31, 2009

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Let me be one of the first to wish you a very Happy New Year!!!

How are you celebrating?

Do you make/believe in New Year’s Resolutions?

Leave your thoughts in a comment and I’ll be back as soon as I have a minute to post my own!


Glorious New Year’s Eve Snow! December 31, 2008

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What a glorious day for ushering out 2008!  As the snow swirls around us, I’ve just started a fire in our wood furnace as one of our sons was so nice to bring home a couple bucket loads of dry wood before the first precipitation of the day.  I made a trip to the grocery store yesterday and have a quiet New Year’s Eve celebration planned at home for tonight.  Hot coffee at my side, I’m just about to e-mail off an article that I promised to an educational journal before the year’s end and I have the day ahead of me . . . for a nice walk in the snow, a chance to perhaps get those New Year’s cards addressed and a bunch of “thank yous” written. . . as well as to get a bit of laundry done, some homemade soup going on the stove, perhaps catch up on some e-mail and schoolwork and a moment to think about New Year’s resolutions.  What a glorious day!

I’m hunkering down for a big snow and hope for lots to play in, especially for the boys with their new and old “snowmachines.”

Hope your New Year’s Eve is glorious, too!


New Year’s Resolutions–POLL December 30, 2008

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OK, so I created this awesome New Year’s Resolutions Poll on Poll.dady, only to find out that WordPress won’t allow me to upload it, so here it is in narrative form.

Please VOTE for your choice by posting a comment and let us know what you think!!!

Are you making New Year’s Resolutions for 2009?

  1. I have an important New Year’s Resolution or two that I intend to make–and keep!
  2. I’ll probably make the same resolutions I’ve made the last few years that I haven’t yet kept!
  3. I resolve NOT to make any more New Year’s Resolutions!
  4. Other:

Let us know what you’re thinking! 

Personally, I always think I’m doing #1, but usually end up with #2.  More on that later . . .