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Sunday Stroll–Colors of Fall September 28, 2008

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On this soggy, Sunday morning, the scarlets and siennas of the Sugar Maples are the first to shine through the fog.

To me, Goose Squash, mums, and pumpkins are always sure signs of Fall, even when the weather doesn’t feel like it!  (Still too sticky and humid here today to wear long jeans and sweatshirts!)

Is Fall finding its way into your neck of the woods?

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Sunday Stroll–Autumn Arrives! September 21, 2008

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Even though Autumn doesn’t officially arrive until tomorrow, there is a lot of evidence of this wonderful fall season all around us, especially on the farm.  Deliciously cool nights. . . waking up to crispy, invigorating mornings that warm with the midday sun are welcome signs of the season ahead.

A nearly full moon that entranced me recently on a very early morning made me think of a harvest moon . . .


On the farm, corn stalks that earlier bore the sweetest of corn . . . 

. . . are now being harvested for dried cornstalks for autumn displays . . . true recycling!

Scarecrows still stand guard over the cornfields . . .

It’s prime season for apples. . .

We’ve even entered some prize specimens in our local agricultural fair . . .

. . . with very positive results–BEST IN SHOW for our fruit display!

Our daughter, Abbie, known in the blogging world as the Farmer’s Daughter, captured the highly-desired and most-prized blue ribbon rosette for BEST IN SHOW for pies for her Butternut Squash Pie, which is an heirloom recipe of her great-grandmother and a family favorite!

Our son, Jonathan, drove our 1955 antique Ford 960 tractor in the fair parade.  It’s a real work of art that he, his brother, Nathaniel, and their Dad, totally restored (more on that in a future post!)

Nathaniel also entered this “sweet” 53-year-old tractor in the Antique Tractor Show.  We’ll see how that does later today!

All in all, an incredible interlude into autumn . . . with lots more fall fun to come on the farm!

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