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Thankful Thursday July 24, 2008

I absolutely adore Green Mamma’s Gratitude Sunday  posts, so I’ve decided to adopt a slightly different spin on that idea.  Imitation is the best form of flattery, isn’t it?  I will attempt to post 5 things I am thankful for each Thursday in a Thankful Thursday post.

This Thursday, I am thankful . . .

  1. . . . that I get to spend my days with kids, namely elementary school children–now that my own children are much bigger than me!
  2. . . . for hot, steamy, sultry summers . . . and chilly, snowy, white winters.  (It’s so much fun to experience it all in New England!)
  3. . . . for electronic communication.  (It’s so much easier to stay in touch via e-mail than if I had to hand-write everything and search for stamps!  Also, the fact that I can find anything my family needs online, like jeans long enough for my 6’5″ son, instead of running to 4 different stores and still coming up empty.)
  4. . . . for the multitude of pink and purple blooms that grace my Rose of Sharon bushes at the moment.  (They remind me of the seductive hybiscus flowers of the islands, which I haven’t had much luck growing here!)
  5. . . . for chocolate and coffee.  (‘nuf said!)

3 Responses to “Thankful Thursday”

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